It is official…EEMM Group represents “Gramophonedzie Live Experience”

30 Oct

We are pleased to present you “Gramophonedzie Live Experience”.


It all began few months ago when Gramophonedzie started experimenting and incorporating his DJ skills with live acoustic sounds. He gathered with couple extraordinary musicians and the idea paid off…The “Gramophonedzie Live Experience” project evolved into something new, original and simply beautiful.


Listen the live performance of “Street Lady” that was recorded in Bitef Art Caffe on September 27, 2014.



“Gramophonedzie Live Experience” are:

Vox – Milana Popovic
Sax – Aleksandar Petkovic
Keys – Vojno Dizdar
Drums – Vladan Popovic
Guitar – Uros Petkovic
Perc – Fedja Tom Franklin


(”Street Lady” was written by Larry Mizell, Fonce Mizell, Fred Parren. Additional production by Gramophonedzie Live Experience band)


Follow “Gramophonedzie Live Experience” on Soundcloud.