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MENE is one of the artists who have discovered his interest in music, and even the production itself, very young. In the teens’ days, he was playing with loops, which instantly fascinated him, but he also intrigued the fact that in any way he was cutting them, he created a new sound. At the age of 15, he seriously embarked on the production of a professional program at that time, but his decision was to preserve his creations for himself. In 2009, he decided to share his creativity and release the first EP “Now Is The Time”, which won excellent reviews and support from Richie Hawtin and Dubfire. This young musician is distinguished by the fact that his DJ career began only after the first EP was released.


MENE’s musical style can be primarily characterized as house direction, which often dynamically infiltrates hip hop details. His previous production is based on famous Moeb Recordings, Serkal, Noexcuse Records, Baile and Draft, and the releases can be heard in large names sets, such as Marco Carola, Detlef, Nicole Moudaber. In addition to the renowned names of the Serbian electronic music scene, MENE also records his performances at the Exit Dance Arena, Lovefest Fire Stage and Arsenal Fest.


For MENE, the audience is always the main driving force of the party, and his greatest satisfaction is when people are having great reactions and dancing to the tracks he produced.


In addition to the exceptional production and DJ career, the confirmation of MENE’s great talent and knowledge is his position as a regular professor of music production at the SAE Institute.


Latest news are that MENE has established his own label TOZLA where he will publish and promote his and others unique sound.