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As the son of one of the first Belgrade Disc Jokey’s, GROOVYMAN aka Sasha Radosavljevic began his career in the family spontaneously. Thanks to a great record collection and musical knowledge he had acquired a very young, it was not difficult to conclude that in life he`ll find him self in DJ-ing.

After working in the biggest undergound clubs in the country and region, and active work in the best record stores in the country, with his friend Marko Milicevic, GROOVYMAN established duo Gramophonedzie (“Why Don`t You”), that leaves after seven years and moving with the development of a solo career.

A combination of sensual sound and a funky groove that makes his performances are always a positive energy generator. That the spirit of sports, nightlife and DJ-ing go together, however, the proof is the fact that GROOVYMAN (a certified professional athletes) was a state champion in fitness in the past year, which is still engaged in a hobby.

His solo career is on track and latest mix that he did for the title track hit movie ‘Montevideo, God bless you’ certainly proves. Cooperation with the Slovenian artist Magnifico, GROOVYMAN definitely moving in winning national and world charts. In addition, this year we can expect a few new original songs in a similar style.