Gramophonedzie Live Experience

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Gramophonedzie is bringing together some of the best musicians of his home country in a new artistic project. Combining his distinctive style with a twist to present ‘Gramophonedzie Live Experience’.

Globally known for his track ‘Why Don’t You’ – one of the biggest club records of 2010 – Gramophonedzie has had a versatile career as a producer. Not succumbing to temptation to start releasing clones of ‘Why Don’t You’, his follow up productions, such are bossa nova flavoured “Brazillian”, filtered disco house and Beatport best seller “Number One” have shown his artistic versatility as a producer.

With most of his best tracks being based on a jazz standards they deserve to be played live to further appreciate them. Gramophonedzie Live Experience will do this by bridging the gap between the club and band by giving life to Gramophonedzie’s club productions in a live band setting. The 7-piece band brings together vocals, drums, guitar, sax, keys, percussion and Gramophonedzie on DJ duties to create a unique and one of a kind musical experience.

The full length album, currently underway, will be a collaboration of reconstructions of some of Gramophonedzie’s best tracks, covers and brand new tracks that embody Gramophonedzie’s distinctive style – popular music fused with jazz / swing arrangements.