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It all started in the summer of 2004 – the soon-to-be worldwide smash ‘Love On My Mind’ – and Russell Small and James Wiltshire quickly found that their Studio partnership was a match made in heaven. As ‘Love On My Mind’ gradually conquered the clubbing world – it took over a year from first release to hit the charts – they built themselves a reputation as the best ( and grammy Nominated) remixers in the business with a host of acclaimed club mixes for Beyonce , Kelly Rowland , Shakira, Faith Evans, Kylie, Jamiroquai and others.

Over the next few years it would be no exaggeration to say Freemasons were one of the hottest dance acts in the world. As well as their own hits such as ‘Rain Down Love’ and ‘Uninvited’ that were coming thick and fast, their remixes of tracks from Beyonce’s ‘B-Day’ album including ‘Déjà Vu’, ‘Beautiful Liar’, ‘Ring The Alarm’ and ‘Greenlight’ became legendary with their versions used as the lead radio edits across Europe, along with other mixes such as Kelly Rowland’s ‘Work’, Kylie’s ‘The One’ and Whitney Houston’s ‘Million Dollar Bill’.

A lot has changed in the twelve years since Freemasons began their career but one thing has not – the music and the public’s response to it. Or as James put it recently “We’ve always been about that moment a huge vocal note crosses a bar-line, hits the chord change just right and the hairs come up on your arms- We’re with Nile Rogers – it’s about how a record makes you feel that’s important”!!!!